Dr. Birgiolas on Mini Implants

We are pleased to announce that we now offer IMTEC Mini Implants at Bloor West Village Dental Care.

IMTEC Mini Implants now offered at Bloor West Village Dental Care

You may visit the IMTEC website for more info.

Mini Implants

I just returned from a mini implant course given by 3M Imtec and am really excited about this new development.  These implants have been in use for about 7 years and are showing great long term results.

Why am I excited?  I am now able to offer a one appointment implant overdenture solution to a complete denture patient at a reasonable cost.   This treatment is for the complete denture case, the individual with no lower teeth and a wobbly denture.  Sneeze and you can catch your denture an arms length away.  You know who you are and you are suffering.  Here is the solution.

Four mini implants are placed in the anterior region of the mandible.  Four studs are placed in your existing denture.  The denture snaps on to the implants and is a great fit, no wobble, no loose denture, confidence to eat whatever you desire.

Treatment time about an hour, cost about $3000, a third to a half of regular implant cost.  Need a new denture?  That must be made before the implants are considered at additional cost.  Success rate for implants is about 95%.  Long term results are good.  Maintenance requirements?  Just brush them well and have a twice yearly check-up.  They work well in other situations where additional retention is required with full or partial dentures.  Darn right I’m excited.  It may make your life a whole lot better.

Dr. John Birgiolas

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